Sermon Notes

Hear God, Believe God, Obey God, Be blessed by God.., and return the Glory to God.   When God speaks:  It doesn’t always make sense.   How do you know if it is God speaking or just your thoughts?  “I heard God” is what life is all about.  WE ALL HEAR GOD!    When “God said” and “I felt led” are the same.   Word of Wisdom: is not so much “a word” but an understanding that develops into words and thoughts that lead to actions.   Hear God, believe God, obey God, be blessed by God… to God be the glory!   Celebrate milestones of hearing God:   When you “hear God,” it can be instant and tangible, an absolute complete thought, or it can develop while mediating on it and your spirit realizes that it is from God.   PEOPLE… we all hear God continually.   Sometimes He whispers, sometimes He shouts… because God loves you.    “God is always speaking, are you listening?”