Praying Always

You have been given an armor fitted perfectly to you and for you. Get rid of (be put away from you):

  • Bitterness, harshness, embittered(resentful) spirit
  • Wrath, outburst of passion, angry tempers
  • Anger, wrath, passion, punishment, vengeance
  • Evil speaking
  • Slander, abusive or scurrilous language
  • Malice, wickedness, evil, trouble, vicious disposition

We do not have to wear the anger, unforgiveness, hatred, dissension, bitterness, wrath, slander, malice that others may attack us with. How do we not wear it? We are to pray always with perseverance and supplications, forgive, and LOVE.  Prayer is to our spirit what air is to our bodies. Prayer takes discipline, prayer is a conversation with God, prayer is an act of faith, and prayer is part of our armor.  Arise you Prince and Princess, you Child of God, you Mighty Warrior anoint your shield, take your sword and pray always!!