Soldiers Helmet:

  • Protected head from enemy attacks
  • Would put on when faced with impending danger
  • Generally made of bronze fitted over an iron skull cap lined with leather/cloth
  • Had a band to protect forehead, plates for cheeks, went down in back to protect neck
  • When strapped in place, it exposed very little except for the eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Hammers/axes were nearly the only weapons that could penetrate the metal helmet

Take – dechomai

Salvation – sótérios

Day – hémera

Hope – elpis

How do I keep my helmet secure?

  • Renew your mind
  • Working out your salvation
  • Stay on the path of obedience
  • Examine yourself
    • Ask God, am I showing/walking in….?
  • Be assured of your salvation


Arise you Prince and Princess, you Child of God, you Mighty Warrior anoint your shield, take your sword, pray always, put on your breastplate of righteousness, put on your belt of truth and take your helmet of salvation!!!